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For victims of accidents or other disasters, the claims adjuster essentially serves as a representative of the insurance company. Therefore, it is paramount for the adjuster to exhibit a professional, courteous, and trustworthy demeanor. And you can be assured that the claims adjusters at M & S Claims Service will not only meet but exceed your expectations for professionalism and honesty.

So if you’re looking for an adjuster who can handle nearly any type of claim, including homeowners’ first- and third-party claims, commercial and industrial claims, CGL (including PD liability), inland and ocean marine claims, or business interruption claims, M & S in the company for you.

Our staff

  • Joseph Scotto, Has over 20 years of experience in the adjusting field handling homeowner and commercial losses.
  • Donald Quinn, Has over 40 years of expereince in the adjusting field handling homeowner, commercial and industrial losses.
  • Donald Hebert, Has over 50 years of experience in the adjusting field handling liability and property damage losses.
  • Voula Devlin, Office Manager, has been with M & S Claims since 2001 and handles all of the clerical and accounting duties of the office.

We work strictly for insurance companies and those who are self-insured. Our territory includes Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts & Eastern Connecticut.